Strategic Planning Meetings Begin

The first series of meeting for the Strategic Planning committee began on January 11th at the Lockkeeper’s House.  Mayor Pape convened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  The village retained Poggemeyer Design Group (PDG) to update New Bremen’s 2002 Plan and the appointment of a planning steering committee, representative of the entire community, was the first order of business. The mayor thanked all present for agreeing to serve on the committee. 

Village seeking applications for seasonal staff

The Village of New Bremen is accepting applications for 2017 seasonal positions. For returning seasonal employees, $0.25/hr is added to the base rate for each additional year of service.

Swimming Pool-most positions are needed Memorial Day until the end of summer.

Village of New Bremen Income Tax Regulations

Who must file a return?        
The Village of New Bremen requires all residents working outside the city limits and residents not fully withheld upon. Any person or business located outside of New Bremen and performing services inside the Village of New Bremen must file a return. Anyone who receives income from rental properties, partnerships, self-employed business ventures, etc., must file an annual return regardless of any tax due.