A Message from the Mayor:

In an effort to provide residents with information pertaining to public improvements, village projects, added features at our parks, or upcoming events in the Community, the village partnered with New Bremen Schools to produce a community newsletter. This partnership will meet the needs of the community, as well as allowing for an opportunity to incorporate the project into curriculum.

With coordinated efforts from the village office we hope to provide an informative newsletter about our entire community.  I look forward to the future growth of the newsletter as we receive feedback from the public.  Public input will help us improve each issue.  I also want to thank the New Bremen High School staff and all village personnel who made this possible. 

During the months the Cardinal Newsletter is not produced, the village will make an effort to keep the residents informed of activities.  This will be done through email, posted here and shared via social media.  To subscribe to the village newsletter, via email, complete the sign-up form that can be found on the main page of www.newbremen.com.  Scroll to the bottom for 'Newsletter Sign Up'.

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