The Village of New Bremen owns and operates its own electrical distribution system established in 1908. There are over eighty municipally owned electric systems in Ohio, owned by the people that they serve. The Village is a member owner of American Municipal Power, a joint action agency that serves 7 states.

AMP contracts for and dispatches power for the Village from the following primary sources:

  • New York Power Authority (Niagara Falls) 

  • AMP owns Hydroelectric Plants on the Ohio River

  • AMP JV-2 Peaking Generators at various locations around Ohio

  • AMP Gas Turbines at various locations around Ohio

  • Fremont combined-cycle natural gas plant

  • Prairie State, a state-of-the-art coal fired plant in west central Illinois

The system consists of two electrical substations and loop-type circuits which provide redundancy in order to increase reliability. Electrical power is delivered to the Village at 69,000 volts by the Dayton Power and Light Company. At the two Village Substations the voltage is reduced to 12,470/7200 volts for distribution around town to individual customer transformers. The peak system load of 13 mW usually occurs in July or August. Total energy sold per year is about 69,000,000 mWh.

In addition to retail electrical customers, the Electric Department also maintains traffic signals and street lights, and is heavily involved in the Village's extensive Christmas Lighting program. The Village staff includes five full-time, year round employees including Matt Krieg, Superintendent.

The Department is based at 555 Streine Drive. 

Monday-Friday; 7:00 am - 3:30 pm.

Daytime Phone:

If no answer, call the Village Offices at 419-629-2447 or 629-2827 and the Electric Department will be dispatched by radio.
For after-hours or holiday outages, please call 419-629-2325.  (This phone number is a direct connection to on-call personnel.  Please follow the options prompted.)