The Village of New Bremen Water Department provides drinking water to the entire community. The year around average is 400,000 gallons per day, but consumption on hot summer days has gone as high as 742,000 gallons per day.

"Raw", untreated water is obtained from a series of five wells at different locations around the Village. The individual wells have varying capacities and are used in different combinations to meet the requirements of system demand. The raw water is pumped to the Treatment Plant on South Herman Street where treatment occurs.

New Bremen treats your water using induced draft aeration, pressure filtration, ion exchange softening and disinfection to remove or reduce harmful contaminants that may come from the source water.

Once treated, "finished water" is distributed through a system of underground pipes that are usually from 4' in diameter to as large as 12" diameter. There are about 17.5 miles of mainline pipe, not counting the laterals that connect individual customers to the "mains".

Once treated, a reserve of finished water is stored in the two, modern, above ground storage tanks. The "north" tower on West Monroe Street holds 200,000 gallons and was built in 1975. The "south" tower on Amsterdam Road holds 500,000 gallons and was built in 1997. In addition to the reserve feature, by being elevated over one-hundred feet above the ground creates the pressurized feature of the water system, which is about 50 psi.

For fire insurance reasons, the goal is to have one day's water usage stored in elevated tanks. The water level in the tanks or towers does vary during the day depending on which pumps are running at the plant, and how heavy system use is. During peak days, it can be evening or early morning hours before the towers are back up to maximum levels.

Minster and New Bremen connected their water systems in 2001 near State Route 66 and Wuebker Road. The valve is normally closed but can be manually opened in the event of a major fire or well or treatment plant problems.

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The Water Treatment Plant is located at 305 South Herman Street.

Greg Dennings, Superintendent

Monday-Friday; 7:00am - 3:30pm.


Daytime Phone:

If your water is off after-hours, please call 419-394-2874.