Annual Fire Hydrant Testing

Beginning Saturday, September 12th, the New Bremen – German Twp. Fire Department will begin the annual testing of the village’s fire hydrant system. Testing will be done each Saturday morning between 7:30 am and noon. The scheduled completion date for testing is October 10th.

The Fire Department and Village would like to take this opportunity to provide a few tips to residents to ensure that testing is successful.
— Slightly discolored water may be seen when turning on faucets, this is normal and the water is safe.
— If discoloration is seen, run the water at full capacity for a few seconds or until the water runs clear again.
— If possible, avoid washing clothes or running a dishwasher during testing times.
— Avoid driving through water as the hydrant is actively being tested.
— Brief periods of ponding may occur after hydrant flushing, avoid these areas while driving.
— Ensure storm drains are clear of grass clippings, leaves, and other debris to minimize any localized ponding.
— Do not park in front of a fire hydrant, and during testing times avoid parking within 30 feet of the hydrant of either side of the street.
If you notice any leaks on or around your property, please contact the New Bremen Police Department’s non-emergency number @ 419-629-3036 or 419-629-3371.
— Occasionally, landscaping that is in close proximity to a hydrant may be disturbed. Firefighters will attempt to repair any displaced landscaping to the best of their ability.