CENSUS 2020 — Have you completed your survey yet?

As of August 3rd, German Township, Auglaize County, Ohio has a 80.5% completion rate for CENSUS 2020. This is slightly lower than our completion rate for CENSUS 2010 (83.1).

Haven’t completed your census yet? There is still time to do so via online, by phone or by mail. Here is a link to assist you.

Census takers will soon begin to visit residences who have not yet responded to the 2020 Census.  

Census takers will never ask for a Social Security number, a bank account or credit card number, anything on behalf of a political party, or money or donations. Census takers can be identified by a government ID badge with their photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark and an expiration date on the badge. Individuals can confirm a census taker’s identity by contacting their regional census center and speaking with a Census Bureau representative. Ohio is part of the Philadelphia Regional Office, which can be reached at 267-780-2600.