December 9, 2019

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Burnell, Richter, Parker, Larger and Kronenberger and Kuck.  Also, present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor This, Chief Skinner, Fiscal Officer Speelman and Village Administrator Dicke.

Visitors were Jenna Gilbert representing The Evening Leader, Jeff Elking representing The Daily Standard, Jerry McClannan from Mote and Associates, Jessica Lomakin, Dan Voress, Rodney Bertke, Jeff Utz and Lee Kuenning.

Minutes from the November 25 meeting were approved.  Motion by Parker.  Second by Larger.  Five ayes.  Kuck abstained.

Speelman reported appropriations for 2019 will need to be reduced when actual revenue and expenses can be determined later in December.  Ask for approval to decrease appropriations and report actual numbers in January.  In 2020, will consider have a meeting later in the month of December.  Voice approval was given to reduce appropriations in December.  Motion by Kuck.  Second by Larger.  Six ayes.

Mayor Pape made the following announcements in his Mayor’s Report:

  • Fines, fees and forfeitures in November were $1,077.
  • Tree Lighting on December 2 was a success. Thanks for all the employees that helped in putting up the Christmas decorations and lights.  It looks great!
  • Received a Thank You letter from Dave and Terri Goodwin. They have welcomed Chase in their home.  Chase is very happy.

Village Administrator Dicke gave the following report:

  • Tom’s Construction will begin the foundation work for the traffic signal upgrade this winter. They will keep up posted as to when work will start.
  • Tom’s Construction will begin working on the sanitary lines in January, followed by storm lines. Residents will see minimal disruption.  Will also be checking for surface water going into the sanitary lines.
  • The wastewater plant aerator improvements and substation construction will begin week of Dec 9.
  • The excess equipment sold on GovDeals totaled $91,000.
  • Looking into using the One Call system, similar to what schools and churches use, for village updates and news. Will test with the Franklin Ash Street Project.

Second Reading Resolution 2019-11-12 Management Agreement between Village of New Bremen and YMCA of Greater Dayton.  Motion by Kronenberger.  Second by Parker.  Six ayes.

Kuck made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Burnell.  Declaring Emergency Resolution 2019-11-13  Accept salt bid from Artesian at a rate of $134.25 per ton.  Motion by Richter.  Second by Kronenberger.  Six ayes.

Second Reading Ordinance 2019-11-31  2020 COLA.  Motion by Richter.  Second by Larger.  Six ayes.

Burnell made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Larger.  Declaring Emergency Ordinance 2019-11-32  AMP Master Services Agreement for Participation in Safety and Training Programs with AMP.  Motion by Parker.  Second by Larger.  Six ayes.

Third Reading Ordinance 2019-11-26 Annex .1 acres of land in German Township.  Motion by Larger.  Second by Burnell.  Six ayes.

The total appropriations for 2019 was $29 million, 2020 is $27,500,000.  Large items in consideration for 2020 is Franklin Ash Reconstruction at $589k, traffic signal upgrades at $689k, fire truck at $765k, Widening west end of 274 at $125k, server at $18k, crack and chip seal $70k and dress diamond #2 at Bremenfest Park at $15k.  Third Reading Ordinance 2019-11-28 Appropriations for 2020.    Motion by Kronenberger.  Second by Larger.  Six ayes.

Third Reading Ordinance 2019-11-31 Jason This, Solicitor contract for 2020 and 2021 at an annual cost of $15,000.  Motion by Parker.  Second by Richter.  Six ayes.

Larger made a motion at 7:07 p.m. to enter executive session to discuss personnel.  Second by Kronenberger.  Speelman, Skinner and Dicke were excused at 7:45 p.m.  Came out of executive session at 8:15 p.m. with no action.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.  Second by Kronenberger.   Six ayes.