The November 2019 election is an important election for our community.  Mayor Pape has served as New Bremen’s longest running mayor (4 terms – 16 years) and has chosen not to run for re-election.  This year’s election will be the first contested mayor election since 2003. New Bremen residents Craig Hoffman and Robert Parker will be on the ballot, vying for mayor.

We encourage all registered voters to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday, November 5th.  It may not be a presidential election that catches the spotlight, but it is an important election where each and every vote does count.

Here is some information regarding mayor candidate Robert Parker:

Robert (Bob) Parker and his wife Michelle (Shelli) moved to New Bremen in 2002. They have four children, Rachel (NBHS class of 2014), Greg (NBHS class of 2016), Casey (NBHS class of 2019) and NBHS senior, Sarah.

Robert is a graduate of St. Marys High School, he received a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of Dayton (1990), his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University (1996) and earned his paramedic certification in 2005 (currently an inactive paramedic).

Currently Robert is the CFO at Waibel Energy Systems in Vandalia, village councilor, serves on the board of directors for Minster Bank, volunteers as an usher at Holy Redeemer Church, as well as serving on the finance and renovation committee at Holy Redeemer. In addition, Robert drives the bus for extracurricular activities for New Bremen Schools and serves as the treasurer for New Bremen EMS.

Robert’s previous community involvement included being a paramedic on the New Bremen EMS for ten years, serving as EMS President for 3 years, served on parish council at Holy Redeemer Church, Kiwanis member for several years and served as the treasurer of the New Bremen Levy Committee for the recent passage of the new K-8 school levy.

Over the course of Robert serving as village councilor (2014-current), the following accomplishments have been achieved: construction of new Public Works and EMS/Police buildings, phasing in purchase rotation of new village vehicles, revision of the employee handbook, addition of NBPD K9 unit, construction of Komminsk Legacy Park and bathroom facility at Crown Pavilion, hiring of new village administrator, treasurer, police chief, completion of street reconstruction projects on Front Street, Eastmoor Drive and Circle Drive, and the planning of a future electric substation on the north side of the village.

When asked why he is seeking this election position, Robert stated “I’m running for mayor because I enjoy being involved in my community. When my wife and I moved here 17 years ago I heard there was a need for EMS volunteers and I had always had an interest in helping others so I joined the squad. I worked leadership roles within the squad which allowed me to work with village council and the mayor on several occasions. I then decided to expand my community service by serving on the village council. The current mayor is retiring after sixteen years of dedicated service and it is time for someone else to step up to fill the role. I feel as though my past experiences and leadership abilities can make me successful in this endeavor.”

If elected mayor, Robert would like to continue the discussion of seeking opportunity for additional housing to meet the needs of senior citizens and entry-level, maintain a safe community, explore ways to share resources with neighboring communities, additional lighting at Bremenfest Park, continue work on the infrastructure of the village (roads, electric lines, sewer and water lines), ensure taxes remain low by staying fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars, continue to work on development of formal budgets for all departments, provide a council chambers solution where residents can attend and participate in local government, continue to work with the CIC and economic development director on attracting business to the Village, as well as continue to work with New Bremen Schools, where appropriate, to maintain an excellent campus. “One of the biggest reasons people choose a community is because of their schools and we have an excellent one”, stated Robert.

Robert can be reached via email at robert.parker@newbremen.com

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