June 17, 2019

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Larger, Burnell, Richter, Parker, Kuck and Kronenberger.  Also present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor This and Village Administrator Dicke and Chief of Police Skinner and Fiscal Officer Speelman.

Visitors were Jenna Gilbert representing The Evening Leader, Sandy Schwieterman representing Sidney Daily News, Jeff Elking representing The Daily Standard, Sam Schmiesing, Erin Boyd Jellison, Edward Jellison, Ken and Rhonda Boyd, Katie Schmitt, Steven Schmitt, Philip Heitkamp, Theresa Heitkamp, Chris Heitkamp, Patricia Nelson, Terry Wiegers, Louise Wiegers, Randy Heitkamp, Jean McCollum, Cheryl Barlage, Phyllis Doseck, Jerry Doseck, Peg Eilerman, Brian Alig, Stephanie Alig, Lindsey Pape, Julie Langhals, Kevin Heitkamp, Bill Miller, Doug Balster, Wayne Thornton, Karla Thornton, Logan O’Neil, Mark Swiger, Mindy Nelson, Jeanette Staton, Ryan Fullenkamp, Amy Fullenkamp, Brooke Wente, Sheila Kuhn, Joel Niekamp, Harold Stammen, Joe Carte, Nate Larger, Scott Schmiesing, Amberly Tinnerman, Karen Kohlrieser, Mary Ann Herriott, Jo Bergman.

Minutes from the June 10 meeting will be available of the July 8 meeting.

Mayor Pape made the following announcements in his Mayor’s Report:

  • Nothing new to report since the meeting last week.

Village Administrator Dicke gave the following report:

  • The bubbles that you have been seeing at the Rotary Park are not harmful. Often happens when there are periods of heavy rain.

Discussed the future location of the electric substation.  Option 1 is the original location selected by GPD and cost approximately $5,000,000.  Option 3 would require the purchase of the Voress property and total project cost would be approximately $6,500,000.  Discussed the information that was placed on the village website for residents to review.  A map of two locations that are being considered, the measurements from each location to residential property and how the estimated cost will effect residential, commercial and industrial customers monthly utility bills.  Edward Jellison shared with council a petition signed by residents in favor of moving the substation to option 3.   Jean McCollum shared an article about health risks living near an electric substation.  Brian Alig shared that Speedway Lane’s has plans to add a patio and it would be in close proximity to Option 1.  Residents also expressed concerns on how the increase in electric cost will effect residents, businesses, specifically the YMCA and New Bremen Schools.  Mayor Pape expressed Thank You’s to village employees and council members for all the hard work put into this project.  Councilman Larger read a prepared statement as to his support of the original location of option 1.  Mayor Pape ask Councilman to move forward with location of substation at Option 1 or Option 3.  Kronenberger made a motion to approve Option 3 as the electric substation location.  Second by Burnell.  Five ayes.  Larger naye.

Kuck left after the vote due to not feeling well.

Remain tabled – First Reading Ordinance 2019-5-12 Substation loan bid.

Third Reading 2019-5-5 Annual Property, Vehicle and Equipment Insurance with Ohio Plan at a cost of $59,889.  Motion by Parker.  Second by Larger.  Five ayes.

Third Reading Ordinance 2019-5-13  Vacate a portion of Meadowbrook Place.  Motion by Kronenberger.  Second by Larger.  Five ayes.

Larger made a motion at 7:14 p.m. to enter executive session to discuss personnel.  Second by Parker.  Five ayes.  Came out of executive session at 7:31 p.m.

Larger made a motion to untable the Third Reading Ordinance 2019-5-10  Amend handbook to include Water Plant and Wastewater Plant Weekend Coverage Policy.  Second by Parker.  Five ayes.

Third Reading Ordinance 2019-5-10  Amend handbook to include Water Plant and Wastewater Plant Weekend Coverage Policy.  Motion by Parker.  Second by Kronenberger.  Five ayes.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 7:33 p.m.  Second by Kronenberger.  Five ayes.