November 12, 2020

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:00 p.m. at Police / EMS Training Room, Burnell, Larger, Kuck, Kronenberger and Lomakin.  Also, present were Mayor Parker, Solicitor This, Chief Skinner and Fiscal Officer Speelman.  Village Administrator Dicke was absent.

Visitors attending were Sandy Schwieterman from The Sidney Daily News via Zoom, Corey Maxwell from The Evening Leading and Jeff Elking representing The Daily Standard.

Larger made a motion at 6:02 p.m. to enter executive session to discuss personnel.  Second by Kronenberger. Five ayes.  Came out of executive session at 6:09 p.m.

Mayor Parker recommended hiring Brent Richter as Village Administrator upon Christine Dicke’s retirement from the position in December.  Motion by Kuck.  Second by Burnell.  Five ayes.

Twelve resumes were received and five applicants were interviewed.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 6:12 p.m.  Second by Lomakin.   Five ayes.