Pending council decision: location of future substation

During the next council meeting, to be held on Monday, June 17th, council members will be voting on the location of the planned substation.  Being that the final decision will affect all electric utility users (residential, commercial and industrial), it is important to share the estimated monthly electric rates on both options.

A map of the two options under consideration can be found here.

Measurement of distance to residential property, for either option, can be found here.

The below table shows the estimated increase for an end user’s monthly bill, citing the increase of cost with Option #1 versus Option #3.  Line No. 1 indicates usage of a “empty-nesters”, line no. 2 indicates usage of a family.

*Option 1 — assumes $5,000,000 20-year loan, rate increase = $0.0050 per kWh
**Option 3 – assumes $6,500,000 20-year loan, rate increase = $0.0065 per kWh
kWh = Kilowatt Hour

Column A: is monthly average over a 12-month period; this captures use of weather-related peaks
Column B: example of usage in a recent month

To estimate how the substation will affect your monthly electric bill, locate the usage per kWh on your statement (see highlighted areas on sample bill). Multiply that amount by $.0050 for Option 1 location and $.0065 for Option 3 location. This will be the estimated increase to your bill based on the location chosen for the substation.

If you do not keep your statements each month, feel free to contact the village office at 419-629-2447 to request an annual report that includes a 12 month history of your utility account.

The decision-making process of the new substation has been a lengthy process.  Here is a timeline, providing a brief summary of information that was gathered to identify possible locations that would best suit the community.

A. Results of electric utility study concluded that current needs were being met. Based on historic growth trends, an additional substation would be necessary in 3-5 years. Forecasting indicated 1 large customer utility need may required additional substation sooner than projected.

B. Electric needs surpassed existing peak loads of residential, commercial and industrial needs moving the study’s forecasted synopsis to immediate needs.

C. Seeking the optimal location* that provides geographic separation of substations and excellent distribution of the circuit feeds.

*optimal location is determined by the proximity of the existing electric system which currently runs along the rail, and appropriate distance from current substations in the event of a strong weather system (tornado) were to pass through

D. GPD Group has served as our electrical engineering consultant for the past 30 years +/-.

E. Landowner (Crown Equipment Corporation) was contacted regarding the availability of consultant’s recommendation.

F. Due to public input; other options were re-visited and potential costs determined. All 6 options were presented at open public meeting, indicating optimal locations, deterrents and costs associated. In addition, information from the World Health Organization was distributed in order to alleviate concerns of EMF.

PUBLIC MEETINGS WERE HELD on May 2nd, May 13th, May 28th and June 10th.