Pumpkin People to arrive in September

The pumpkin people first arrived in New Bremen in 2008.  The New Bremen Parks Department used some creative flair in the seasonal decorating around town by stacking pumpkins (like a snowman) with jack-o-lantern smiling faces, sticks for arms and some accessories of hats and leaf-ed scarves.  The community loved it!

The following year, the New Bremen CIC, with the help of the Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce, encouraged local businesses to participate in a contest.  From the early contest years, to current day displays, our local businesses have really stepped up their game!

Businesses and organizations have been invited to participate in this annual favorite. If your business or organization did not receive the information, please send an email to cic@newbremen.com for the details.

Thank you to all the business and organizations who have participated in this annual display over the years. It is a positive, fun seasonal activity that our community enjoys.