STORY: A Personal Impact

Recently an “incident” took place here in New Bremen. My son had crossed SR274 in what he believed to be a safe manner. A car was approximately 1/3 of a mile away (at the high school).  After crossing, the car almost hit him. He said he was pretty scared. He commented that a police car in the Pioneer Professional Center pulled out with its lights on. At first he thought he did something wrong (by crossing), but the police car went after the car.

A few days later I spoke to Sargent Pyles, he was on duty that day. I told him every day I am thankful for our police department and the safety they provide, but on Tuesday, June 26th I was especially thankful. He told me that he had the 17yo clocked at 70 mph (in front of the high school at city limits) and was still going 67mph at the first residential street (Bear Drive) where it is 35MPH. This is where my son had crossed.

What I find ironic about the situation is that I have a letter sitting here on my desk, for a $250K capital improvement award from H.B.529 for an underground bike path at SR274, awarded to the Village of New Bremen. When I drafted the proposal back in December, based on a community leader’s idea, safety of our community was on my mind. This week, I am grateful (1) that my son crossed the roadway safely, (2) that Sargent Pyles was there at the time to address the speeding car, and (3) that our legislature of the great State of Ohio also see the importance of making our community safer in the near future.