August 28, 2017

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting at the
Lockkeeper’s House on this date at 6:30 p.m. Burnell, Parker, Larger,
Richter, Kuck and Kronenberger. Also present were Mayor Pape,
Solicitor Smith, Village Administrator Dicke, Chief of Police Skinner and
Fiscal Officer Speelman.

Visitors were John Valentine, Barb Valentine, Brian Stachler, Donna
Nagel, Lee Stachler, Bob Kramer, Sue Kramer, Bob Fontanini, Tina
Fontanini, Mike Hibner, Delores Stienecker, Jerry McClannan, Alan
Heitbrink, Craig Eley and Jeff Elking representing The Daily Standard.

Minutes from the August 14 meeting were approved. Motion by
Kronenberger. Second by Richter. Five ayes. Larger abstained.

Kronenberger made a motion to approve total expenditures for the
month of August in the amount of $1,293,776.68. Second by Kuck.
Six ayes.

Mayor Pape made the following announcements in his Mayor’s Report:

Thank you to Councilman John Schwartz for his years on
council. Welcome Jacob Larger who will fulfill Schwartz’s term.
Thank you to the pool staff for a great year. The concession
stand was a success. Thank you to guards and pool manager
for making it a success.
Thanks to Mike Hibner, Wayne Gruebmeyer and Dan Blagg for
helping to make the Summer Concert Series a success.

Village Administrator Dicke gave the following report:

Update on Police/EMS Building – Trusses are being put in.
Resurfacing to start September 5.

Choice One presented to council and residents results of a traffic
study that was conducted at the intersection of Plum and Washington
St. The traffic study warrants the need for a left turn lane around
noon. Traffic from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. was within 5 vehicles of
warranting the left turn lane. They feel the left turn lane would
improve the operation of the intersection by reducing delay time and
making the intersection safer. Residents expressed their concerns to
Choice One and Council about the removal of street parking for
residents that live near the intersection and if there is enough space
to install the turn lane and if the turn lane would greatly improve the
traffic flow.

The Village will be applying for a grant for the traffic signal upgrade at
the Plum and Washington St intersection. The grant application is
due early October. The application for the grant will be submitted
with the left turn being installed at the intersection. If the village
does not receive any grant funds, they will reevaluate the need for
the left turn lane.

First Reading RESOLUTION 2017-8-35 Authorizing Village
Administrator to submit OPWC grant application for traffic control
device at Plum and Washington St with the installation of a left turn
lane. Motion by Kuck. Second by Richter. Five ayes. Kronenberger

The pumps at the water plant are in need of replacement. Requesting
to purchase one new pump and rebuild one or two of the current
pumps. The second pump would be used as a spare.

First Reading RESOLUTION 2017-8-36 Authorizing Village
Administrator to improve pumps at the waste water plant in an
amount not to exceed $50,000. Motion by Burnell. Second by Parker.
Six ayes.

Discussed the need for maintenance on the water towers. The south
tower will be cleaned and painted. North tower will be cleaned.
First Reading RESOLUTION 2017-8-37 Authorizing Village
Administrator to contract the cleaning and painting of the water
towers at a cost not exceed $35,000. Motion by Richter. Second by
Larger. Six ayes.

The current location of the Farmers Market is in question as to
whether formal permission was granted by the landowner. Mayor
Pape will ask the owner for permission. Until permission is granted,
the village will not display signs for the Farmers Market.

Second Reading ORDINANCE 2017-8-18 Replat of Lot 9 – 11 Haarbye
Street. Eliminate lot 10 and be combined with lots 9 and 11. Kris
Kuck current owner of lot #11 and Scott Frey current owner of lot #9
will each buy half of lot #10 to be combined with their existing lots.
Motion by Parker. Second by Kronenberger. Kuck Abstained. Five

Third reading RESOLUTION 2017-7-31 authorizing Village Marshall to
purchase K-9 unit, vehicle, equipment and training at a price not to
exceed $85,000. Motion by Richter. Second by Burnell. Six ayes.

Parker made motion to suspend the rule. Second by Kronenberger.
Six ayes. ORDINANCE 2017-8-19 Establish Police K-9 Unit Fund to
receive funds from village or private donations. Motion by Richter.
Second by Kronenberger. Six ayes.

Dianne Komminsk has offered a significant donation to the Police K-9

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 8:01 p.m. Second by Kronenberger. Six ayes.