Village Departments

New Bremen Village: Our Vision

New Bremen is a picturesque community, boasting two trails along the Miami-Erie Canal. New Bremen embodies the hard work ethic of its German founders by offering ample employment opportunities, great schools, beautiful parks and safe neighborhoods. It’s an ideal place to work, raise a family and call home.

New Bremen Village Office

The New Bremen Village Office is the hub of the village government. It performs many different functions, including utility bill payment and processing, payroll, financial management, issuing building and zoning permits, and purchasing of supplies.

The village office staff includes an administrative assistant, utility clerk/mayor’s court clerk and a fiscal officer.

The village administrator is responsible for infrastructure planning and funding, as well as overall management of the daily operations of the village government.

Village Office Hours and Contact Information

Regular business hours are 8 a.m-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 27
New Bremen, OH 45869

*You MUST use the P.O. box number for mail to reach us. The street address is not sufficient per USPS rules.

Street Address:

214 N. Washington Street
New Bremen, OH 45869


419-629-2447 or 419-629-2827


Village Department Contact Directory

DepartmentContact Information
Electric555 Streine Drive, New Bremen, OH 45869

Mondays-Fridays; 7 a.m -3:30 p.m.

Daytime Phone:

If no answer, call the village offices at 419-629-2447 or 629-2827 and the Electric Department will be dispatched by radio.

For after-hours or holiday outages, please call 419-629-2325. This phone number is a direct connection to on-call personnel. Please follow the options prompted.
Parks595 Streine Drive, New Bremen, OH 45869

Daytime Phone:

Public Works595 Streine Drive, New Bremen, OH 45869

For after-hours emergencies, please call 419-739-6565

Waste Water321 N. Walnut St, New Bremen, OH 45869-0027
P.O. Box 27

Mondays-Fridays; 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Daytime Phone:


Water307 S. Herman St., New Bremen, OH 45869

Mondays-Fridays; 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Daytime Phone:
If your water is off after-hours, please call 419-739-6565.


New Bremen Electric Department

The Village of New Bremen owns and operates its own electrical distribution system, established in 1908. There are over 80 municipally-owned electric systems in Ohio, owned by the people who they serve. The village is a member owner of American Municipal Power, a joint action agency that serves seven states.

AMP contracts for and dispatches power for the village from the following primary sources:

  • New York Power Authority (Niagara Falls)
  • AMP Hydroelectric Plants on the Ohio River
  • AMP JV-2 Peaking Generators at various locations around Ohio
  • AMP Gas Turbines at various locations around Ohio
  • Fremont combined-cycle natural gas plant
  • Prairie State, a state-of-the-art coal fired plant in West Central Illinois

The New Bremen electric department is staffed with 4 full-time employees, the department is led by Superintendent Matt Krieg.

The electric department maintains 3 substations, serves 1335 residential customers, and 280 commercial/industrial customers.

In addition to meeting the needs of electric customers, the electric department also maintains traffic signals and street lights and is heavily involved in the village’s extensive Christmas lighting program.

New Bremen Parks/Public Works Department

New Bremen loves its parks, and the parks/public works department is responsible for keeping those parks in top shape. The parks/public works department provides recreation activities, maintenance and repair of the ball fields, ground cover, trees, plantings, playground equipment and the public pool.

Numerous recreational and community events are held throughout the year, and you can view them on the online calendar as they are announced. There are four parks within the village, of which two are full service with shelter houses, picnic tables and restrooms. The village also maintains the St. Paul’s Baseball Diamond at the corner of North Herman and First Street during the summer baseball season.

New Bremen Public Works Department

The public works department maintains and repairs all village streets and alleys, public parking lots and the Miami & Erie Canal, along with water and sewer lines and traffic signs. Leaf collection, mowing of grass, street sweeping, snow plowing and brush chipping are also included in public works services.

Public works also helps with a diverse range of activities, such as maintaining the village-owned library building and anything else that doesn’t exactly fit into the other village departments’ responsibilities.

Public works also has the biggest roster of village equipment including dump trucks, pickup trucks, snow plows and salt spreaders, mowers, two backhoes, a street sweeper, a sewer cleaner, street striping machine, brush chipper, leaf machine and lots of smaller equipment.

New Bremen Waste Water Department

New Bremen’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 1986 and is a biological treatment facility that processes both domestic and industrial waste. It utilizes a natural biodegradation of organic, nitrogen, phosphorous and other compounds in an aerated lagoon system.

On the average day, about 650,000 gallons of wastewater are processed through the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Wastewater is delivered to the plant through a series of approximately 13 miles of sewer lines. The wastewater is then processed through two lagoons, a rock filter bed and a chlorine contact tank.

New Bremen’s Wastewater Superintendent is Dave Goodwin. He is a graduate of New Bremen High School and holds a Class II Wastewater Operator License, Class I Water Operator License and a Class II Water Distribution License from Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. He has been with the village since 1982 and was appointed wastewater superintendent in 2012.

New Bremen Water Department

The Village of New Bremen provides drinking water to the entire community. The year average is 400,000 gallons per day, but consumption on hot summer days has gone as high as 742,000 gallons per day.

The Village staffs certified operators to maintain and follow proper guidelines of treat the water.  Methods used include induced draft aeration, pressure filtration, ion exchange softening and disinfection to remove or reduce harmful contaminants that may come from the source water.

Once treated, “finished water” is distributed through a system of underground pipes. A reserve of finished water is stored in the two, modern, above-ground storage towers. The north tower on West Monroe Street holds 200,000 gallons and was built in 1975. The south tower on Amsterdam Road holds 500,000 gallons and was built in 1997. For fire insurance reasons, the goal is to have one day’s water usage stored in these elevated tanks.

Minster and New Bremen connected their water systems in 2001 near State Route 66 and Wuebker Road. The valve is normally closed but can be manually opened in the event of a major fire or well or treatment plant problems.

Village Seal of New Bremen

This symbol of the Village of New Bremen is a beautiful, custom-made logo designed in 1997 by local resident Dan Keyes. Nearly 48 inches in diameter, it symbolizes the central role of the Miami & Erie Canal and the pioneer spirit in the village’s history.

The Great Seal is carved from wood and shows Lock One North located in the middle of New Bremen. The original is located in the main hallway of the municipal center.

Village of New Bremen, Ohio seal with canal boat and rising sun behind