The workforce in New Bremen and our neighboring communities is known for its quality work ethic. Attendance, pride in a job well done and a strong sense of teamwork are just a few of the defining characteristics your company can expect from area workers.

Access to a Growing Workforce

Here in rural West Central Ohio, residents are typically willing to travel an average of 20 minutes to their place of employment.

For the Village of New Bremen, the radius of a 20-minute commute covers six neighboring counties, providing access to a workforce of nearly 160,000. The West Central Ohio region as a whole has access to nearly 350,000 workers.

Not only does New Bremen have access to this extensive network of workers, but it has a proven ability to attract a workforce beyond its corporation limits. Approximately 58% of our workforce resides in other counties but chooses to work in New Bremen.

Finding the Right Workers

Connecting talented workers with the right companies is the key to healthy economic growth. Here’s how the region makes finding the right workers easy.

Hometown Opportunity

Logo for Hometown Opportunity job site with two people shaking hands and thought bubbles over them

In 2012, Hometown Opportunity (HTO) was created to ensure that everyone in Auglaize, Mercer, Darke and Shelby counties is aware of the jobs and careers available.

Our local companies are in need of local talent, but all too often, career seekers aren’t aware of the fantastic opportunities that exist right here in their own backyard.

The HTO mission is to connect job seekers of all ages with local businesses, as well as to steer high school students, college students and adults toward the appropriate education and training to lead to a career that is available right here, right now.

Auglaize Mercer Business Education (AMBE) Alliance

Vector logo for Auglaize-Mercer Business Education Alliance

The career landscape is changing. AMBE’s mission is to make sure area students are prepared for it.

Toward that end, AMBE connects students, schools and area businesses to introduce students to career opportunities in Mercer and Auglaize counties. Through career resources, programs and events, AMBE is retaining and growing a world-class workforce to keep our communities strong.

The AMBE Alliance is a private organization of leaders from area businesses, service groups and schools working to raise awareness of local careers to create a sustainable future workforce. The organization is locally supported and funded, serving all schools in Auglaize and Mercer counties.

Workforce Training and Resources

There are numerous business training tools available to support targeted workforce continuing education.

Office of Workforce Development (OWD)

The Office of Workforce Development works to support both the state’s workforce and its industries. It provides federal programs, employment services, tax credits and more to help Ohio employers and workers.

Ohio Means Jobs

Vector logo of Ohio Means Jobs

Ohio Means Jobs helps connect workers with employers while also providing a variety of tools and training resources designed to support workforce education.

If you’re an employer in the area, you can access resources through the regional office, which serves Auglaize, Hardin, Mercer and Van Wert counties.

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