Code of Ordinances

Sidewalk Requirements, Parking Regulations, Zoning Codes and More

“Code of ordinances” is a term for the collection of laws and regulations set forth by the New Bremen municipal government. The ordinances outlined in the code are enforced in addition to state and federal law.

The New Bremen code covers things such as income tax rates, parking regulations, sidewalk construction specifications and zoning codes.

How to Search the Code of Ordinances

The Village of New Bremen uses AmLegal, a company that serves nearly 2,000 local government clients across the country, to provide the public with online access to the code of ordinances.

When you visit the AmLegal site, here’s how you can navigate the New Bremen code of ordinances:

Screenshot of New Bremen code of ordinances website
Vector image of a white number one in a grey circle

Choose Your Viewing Preference

To access the code, first choose which view you would like. You may select the standard view by clicking “View Code,” or for those with vision impairment, you may use the “Alternate ADA View.” You may also view a demonstration video on how to use the website or contact support by clicking the “Get Help” button.

Screenshot of large list of ordinances with big red arrow pointing at list
Vector image of a white number two in a grey circle

Navigating the Code

Once on the code page, you can search for ordinances in two ways.

  1. Use the “Quick Search” bar at the top by entering keywords just like you would for Google or Bing. Tip: Use keywords, not phrases for better results. So, for example, search for “sidewalks” instead of “Do I need a permit for sidewalks?”
  2. Jump to different sections of the code using the table of contents. You can use it to find different chapters of the code.
Screenshot of online list of city ordinances with red arrow pointing to links
Vector image of a white number three in a grey circle

Finding Ordinances

Once you’ve found a chapter to explore, you can use the hyperlinked section numbers to find specific sections and ordinances. Simply click on the number beside the section name and you will be dropped down to the right location.

Questions about the code?

If you have questions about an ordinance, please feel free to contact the village.