Transportation and Utilities

In New Bremen, your business will find everything it needs to thrive. The area offers the utilities and services you need to run your business from day to day, while also providing access to markets in the greater region and beyond.

Transportation and Strategic Access

New Bremen is conveniently located to give your company strategic access to regional, national and international markets.


New Bremen is geographically situated to take full advantage of Ohio’s transportation assets. Located 10 miles west of Interstate 75 and 9 miles south of U.S. 33, New Bremen is near the crossroads of two major American highways.

With New Bremen’s convenient position, you’ll be:

  • Midway between Chicago, Cleveland and Cincinnati
  • Less than 45 minutes from Interstate 70 near Dayton
  • Approximately 60 minutes to Interstate 80 near Toledo
  • Approximately 45 minutes to U.S. 30 near Findlay

Easy access means opportunities for your business to thrive. New Bremen is within a one-day drive of 63 percent of U.S. manufacturing facilities and 80 percent of U.S. corporate headquarters. Sixty percent of the U.S. population and 50 percent of the Canadian population lives within 600 miles of New Bremen.

Ohio Strategic Access to U.S. Markets Map

Source: Office of Strategic Research, Ohio Department of Development


In New Bremen, your business will have easy access to three international airports and will only be a four-mile drive away from one of the nation’s premier general aviation airports, connecting you with domestic and international markets.

Read on to learn about our air travel assets.

Neil Armstrong General Aviation Airport

Auglaize County’s Neil Armstrong Airport is conveniently located four miles west of New Bremen on State Route 219. Named for Neil Armstrong, our native son and the first person to walk on the moon, the airport handles a high volume of air freight and corporate travelers.

The airport offers a 5,501-foot long by 100-foot wide grooved asphalt runway capable of handling aircraft weighing in excess of 50,000 pounds. A number of our local industrial companies maintain hangars for their corporate jets adjacent to the runway. This provides convenient access for domestic and international flights from the Neil Armstrong Airport. The airport averages 20 flights daily.

Dayton International Airport

Dayton International Airport (DAY) is home to five airlines serving 14 non-stop destinations. It’s located at Interstates 70 and 75, which makes arrival and departure a breeze. The airport is within a 55-mile drive of New Bremen on Interstate 75 (south).

Silhouette of people in airport moving toward international departures area

John Glenn Columbus International Airport

John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) is located 90 miles east of New Bremen via U.S. 33, which translates to an easy one hour and 40-minute drive. The Columbus airport, which was formerly known as the Port Columbus International Airport, offers nearly 160 daily departures to 45 destinations.

White commercial plane begins to lift off runway


New Bremen offers businesses access to the utilities they need for their operations to run smoothly. Here’s how you can find resources you can rely on.

New Bremen’s Public Power: Moderate Rates with Maximum Service

New Bremen is a public power community. Public power means that our local customers — residential and businesses alike — own the electric company. It’s an approach that allows us to offer quality and dependable service at reasonable rates.

Because we are locally owned and operated, if there is a problem, you know exactly who to call and where their office is located. Our system provides a reliable and consistent electrical supply. In the last two years, we have only had three days with power outages.

Electrical power is delivered to the village at 69,000 volts by the Dayton Power and Light Company. At the two village substations, the voltage is reduced to 12,470/7200 volts for distribution around town to individual customer transformers.


New Bremen has telecommunication advantages that surpass those typical of communities our size. Thanks to the innovative efforts and capital investments of New Knoxville Telephone Company, our local telecom provider, local businesses have access to high-quality services at the best possible price.

Other Area Telecommunication Resources:



Water & Wastewater Treatment

The Village of New Bremen supplies water and wastewater treatment services to residents and businesses in our community. The water system has an available capacity of 50,000 GPD, and the wastewater system has an available capacity of 900,000 GPD.