Disc Golf League @ Bremenfest Park

Looking for some outdoor fun and friendly competition?

Consider joining the disc golf league on the Cardinal Disc Golf Course at Bremenfest Park on Monday evenings. Playing each week is not a requirement and all skill levels are welcome!

  • This is a handicapped league, so beginners are on a level playing field with more advanced players. If you are a beginner, we will be happy to pair you with more experienced players who can help you learn
  • the game as you go.
  • There is no entry fee for the first week since you will be establishing a handicap, but after that there is a $5 weekly entry fee – all of which goes back as prize money to the top 2 or 3 finishers (depending on how many players we have).

There are also several optional challenges that you can enter, a CTP and an ACE challenge. The ”CTP”, or closest to the pin (or basket in this case) challenge costs $2 and the players who ends up closest to the basket after their first throw win the pot for that hole. We do this for 2 different holes each week. The ACE challenge costs $1 to enter and if a player gets a hole in one, they win the pot. This pot carries over from one week to the next if there is no winner. Again, both of these challenges are completely optional.

The weekly league is comprised of 18 holes of disc golf (2 rounds of 9) and it takes about 2 hours. Meet on the north side of the tennis courts around 5:45 to get signed in and play starts at 6 pm.

Follow the Cardinal Disc Golf Course Facebook page for up to date information or cancellations due to weather.

Contact Nathan Metz at 419-733-9794 if you have questions or want more information.