February 11, 2019

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Larger, Burnell, Kuck, Parker, Richter and Kronenberger.  Also present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor This, Fiscal Officer Speelman and Village Administrator Dicke and Chief of Police Skinner.

Visitors were Dominic and Chris Schroyer from Boy Scouts, Jerry McClannan from Mote and Associates, Jenna Gilbert representing The Evening Leader, Sandy Schwieterman representing Sidney Daily News and Jeff Elking representing The Daily Standard.

Minutes from the January 28 meeting were approved.  Motion by Richter.  Second by Kuck.   Six ayes.

Mayor Pape made the following announcements in his Mayor’s Report:

  • Mayor Pape attended the 125th Anniversary Open House at Auglaize County Courthouse.
  • Fines, Fees and Forfeitures for January are $1,820.

Village Administrator Dicke gave the following report:

  • Signed the contract to GIS the electric, should be complete by June.
  • Departments have begun using Dude Solutions.
  • Working with Arcadis to update aeroraters at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Choice One Engineering is working on plans for upgrading traffic signals.
  • Working with GPD on pricing for an Electric substation.

Ambulance and EMS Levy will expire with 2019 tax year, currently at 2 mills.  The village will request from the county auditor, how much revenue the replacement of the 2 mills will generate.

First Reading Ordinance 2019-2-3 to send 2 mills request to Auglaize County Auditor for Ambulance and EMS Levy.  Motion by Kronenberger.  Second by Larger.  Five ayes.  Parker abstained.

Voice approval given to send annual payment to Auglaize County Wide Emergency Management Cooperative.  2019 per capita assessment is $2,233.50.

Discussed the use of golf carts and under speed vehicles on village streets.  Excludes ATV’s as they drive faster than 25 mph.  State of Ohio recommends establishing an ordinance to regulate use of under speed vehicles on village streets.

First Reading Ordinance 2019-2-4  Golf carts and under speed vehicles on village streets.  Motion by Richter.  Second by Kronenberger.  Six ayes.

Discussed the assessments for Front Eastmoor Drive Street reconstruction project.  The sidewalk estimates were $5 sq ft, actual bid came in at $7.60 per sq ft.  Due to the large difference in actual cost versus estimate, a one-time compromising rate per sq ft was discussed.  Voice approval was given to assess sidewalks at $6 per sq ft.  Reinforcements will be assessed at $8.10 per sq ft.  Five ayes.  Larger abstained.

Third Reading Resolution 2019-1-1  Name the sledding hill in Bremenfest Park White Mountain.  Motion to table by Larger.  Second by Parker.  Motion tabled.

Second Reading Ordinance 2019-1-2  Conditional use for office space at 112 N Main St.  Motion by Kronenberger.  Second by Parker.  Six ayes.

Larger made a motion at 6:58 p.m. to enter executive session to discuss personnel.  Second by Burnell.  Came out of executive session at 7:45 p.m. with no action.

Second Reading Ordinance 2019-1-1  Amending annual pay of Fire Chief to $6,000 and Assistant Fire Chief to $2,000.  Motion by Kronenberger to table until pay increase is discussed with German Township.  Second by Larger.  Motion tabled.

Committee meetings will be held at 6pm, before the council meetings at 6:30pm.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 7:49 p.m.  Second by Parker.  Six ayes.