February 14, 2022

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Burnell, Larger, Lomakin, Condon, Wuebker and Elshoff.  Also, present were Solicitor This, Fiscal Officer Speelman, Village Administrator Richter and Chief Skinner.  Mayor Parker was absent.

President of Council Larger presided over meeting.

Visitors attending were Erin Gardner from Daily Standard and Corey Maxwell from The Evening Leader.

Minutes from the January 24, 2022 regular meeting were approved.  Motion by Elshoff.  Second by Condon.  Five ayes.  Wuebker abstained.

Mayor Parker’s Report:

  • No report.

Village Administrator Richter Report:

  • Meet with EPA on 1/18/2022, reviewing revised sludge removal plan.
  • Village sold Renewable Energy Credits from JV5 Belleville Hydro plant in the amount of $111,718.34. This credit will lower the rate for everyone for 3 months total.
  • Ordered chlorine controller for swimming pool.
  • Had pre-construction meeting with PAB Construction for Jefferson St Reconstruction. Construction will begin mid-April and go through mid-October 2022, dependent on weather.  Public meeting with residents on Feb 10,2022 went well.
  • Confirmed with ODOT SR 274 is scheduled for paving summer of 2024. Met with RJ Corman, will need to install steel casing for waterline replacement on SR 274 under the railroad tracks.  Will add approximately $70,000 to cost of the project.
  • 1992 Pierce Fire Truck sold on govdeals.com for $3,900.

Reviewed the Management agreement with YMCA of Greater Dayton for community swimming pool for 2022 season.  The pool will be operated by Grand Lake Health / Premier Health South YMCA.  Management fee remained the same at $13,000.

First Reading Resolution 2022-02-01 Management agreement between Village of New Bremen and YMCA of Greater Dayton

Lomakin made a motion at 6:39 p.m. to enter executive session to discuss property.  Second by Burnell.  Came out at 7:34 with no action.

Discussing potential upgrades for the administrative building.

Discussed water and sewer rate increases.  Will be gradual increase years 2022-2026.  For years 2027 and beyond, rates will increase 4% from previous years rate.  Allows for cost of recovery and establish reserves for future improvements.  Waste water rates could be adjusted once the actual cost of plant improvements is determined.

Third Reading Ordinance 2022-01-01 Water rate increase.  Motion by Wuebker.  Second by Lomakin. Six ayes

Third Reading Ordinance 2022-01-02 Waste water rate increase.  Motion by Elshoff.  Second by Wuebker.  Six ayes.

In 2006 an annexation agreement for Faith Alliance Church was passed by German Township and by Board of Commissioners.  The filing of the annexation was not completed.

Third Reading Ordinance 2022-01-03  Annexing Faith Alliance Property in German Township.  Motion by Elshoff.  Second by Condon.  Six ayes.

In April 2021 third reading was tabled for Resolution 2021-3-2 to accept donation of a sign at the Lockkeepers House.  The donation of the sign is no longer applicable.  Motion by Lomakin to un-table Resolution 2021-3-2.  Second by Burnell.  Six ayes.

Motion by Lomakin to reject Resolution 2021-3-2 donation of a sign at the Lockkeepers House.  Second by Burnell.   Six ayes.  Resolution 2021-3-2 did not pass.

Councilman Condon appreciated a tour of the community by Chief Skinner.  Appreciated Chief Skinner’s enthusiasm for the police department and community.

Lomakin made a motion to adjourn at 7:43 p.m.  Second by Condon.   Six ayes.