July 26, 2021

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Burnell, Kronenberger, Larger, Lomakin, Kuck and Wuebker.  Also, present were Mayor Parker, Solicitor This, Fiscal Officer Speelman, Village Administrator Richter and Chief Skinner.

Visitors attending were Andrew Eilerman, Erin Gardner and Tom Millhouse from The Daily Standard, Corey Maxwell from The Evening Leader, Jerry McClannan from Mote & Associates and Dan Condon.

Minutes from the July 12, 2021 regular meeting were approved.  Motion by Kronenberger.  Second by Wuebker.  Six ayes.

Larger made a motion to approve total expenditures for July in the amount of $940,141.78 and total receipts for June were $1,309,940.27; noted Finance committee reviewed bank reconciliations for June.  Second by Kronenberger.  Six ayes.

Mayor Parker’s Report:

  • Fines fees and forfeitures for June were $1,019.
  • Congratulations to the Fire Department on a great picnic. Many compliments were received.
  • Mahargs trash bags will now be bundled 10 bags to a roll instead of 5. The price is not changing.
  • The swimming pool will close for the season Friday, August 13.
  • August 4 is filing deadline for open council seats on the November ballot.
  • The Story Book Trail has been installed. Thanks to the Rotary Club for donating to Jaycee’s Park.

Village Administrator Richter Report:

  • Preconstruction meeting for 2021 Resurfacing, Bike Path and Crosswalk will be August 4.
  • Waste Water Plant Ohio EPA Draft 5 year permit – Waiting for EPA response.
  • NKTelco is working to connect the well fields and towers.
  • Illinois Legislature is pursuing a new energy bill that would include premature closure of Prairie State Energy coal fired plant in 2035. New Bremen currently receives approximately 63% of our electricity from PSE.  The Senate initially planned to reconvene in early July to pass a negotiated energy bill, appears it will now be late July or early August.
  • All Komminsk Sculptures have been placed. Name plaques have been ordered.
  • Vectren gas line replacement work has begun on Jefferson St.

Recommendations by the Planning Commission to amend the zoning map.  Portions of Bunker Hill Industrial Park change from I-1 to I-2; to match the first phase.  North Substation changes from residential to I-1.  Dedicate parcels as right of way on Boesel Ave, Franklin St and Main St.

First Reading Ordinance 2021-07-15 Approve amendments to the official zoning map to the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

 Mescher Properties LLC is purchasing Lot 10 in Bunker Hill Industrial Park.  New Bremen CIC has approved a CRA Agreement for a tax abatement of 45% for 8 years.  The same has been done for other companies with a similar investment.

First Reading Ordinance 2021-07-16  Enter into CRA Agreement with Mescher Properties LLC, 45% for 8 years.

The fire departments pumper truck did not pass the pump test and has been taken out of service.  Discussed in 2019 and 2020 of purchasing a possible replacement.  Estimated cost is $800,000.  Will need to discuss with German Township.

The improvements the EPA is proposing at the waste water plant are estimated to cost $5 million to $14 million.  A plan is needed for funding the future improvements.  A water and sewer study will be completed by RCAP, Great Lakes Rural Community Assistance Program.  Will take approximately 3 months to complete the study.  Will discuss rate increase after study is complete.

Tabled Second Reading Ordinance 2021-07-14 Sewer rate increase.  Motion by Kuck.  Second by Burnell.  Six ayes.

Received from Auglaize County Budget Commission amounts for general property tax of $204,812 and EMS levy of $166,580.  Prior year amounts were $175,813 for property tax and $166,521 for EMS levy.

Second Reading Resolution 2021-07-08  Accept Local Government Funds and Rates set up by Auglaize County Budget Commission

Lomakin updated council that discussions will continue with MECCA and New Bremen Historical Society on signs at Lockkeepers House.  Directional signs will be placed on the streets giving direction to the Lockkeepers House.

Larger made a motion at 6:46 p.m. to enter executive session to discuss property and personnel.  Second by Kronenberger.  Came out at 8:08 p.m. with no action.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 8:08 p.m.  Second by Kronenberger.   Six ayes.