July 8, 2019

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Larger, Burnell, Richter, Parker and Kuck.  Kronenberger was excused with a motion by Parker.  Second by Richter.  Also present were Mayor Pape, Solicitor This and Village Administrator Dicke and Chief of Police Skinner and Fiscal Officer Speelman.

Visitors were Cheryl Kellogg from US Department of Commerce, Jenna Gilbert representing The Evening Leader, Jerry McClannan from Mote & Associates and Jeff Elking representing The Daily Standard.

Minutes from the June 10 and June 17 meeting were approved.  Motion by Larger.  Second by Richter.  Four ayes.  Kuck abstained.

Larger made a motion to approve total expenditures for June in the amount of $918,273.27 and total receipts for May were $1,080,940.72 and noted Finance committee reviewed bank reconciliations for May.  Second by Kuck.  Five ayes.

Mayor Pape made the following announcements in his Mayor’s Report:

  • Thank You to the Parks Department for keeping Komminsk Legacy Park looking great.
  • Mayor received a Thank You note from family who had a wedding at the Pavilion.
  • Fines, Fees and Forfeitures for June were $843.
  • Announced that Crown sprayed for ticks at Kuenning Dicke Park.
  • Received a brochure from Ohio Department of Health regarding removal of lead based paint. Visit their website at odh.ohio.gov for more information.

Village Administrator Dicke gave the following report:

  • Neos 360 has been installed at Komminsk Legacy Park. Thank you to Dianne Komminsk for the generous donation to the park.

Councilman Kuck expressed sincere thanks to the first responders and feels very blessed that they were able to help during the June 17 council meeting.

Cheryl Kellogg from US Department of Commerce regarding the 2020 census.  Ms. Kellogg spoke of the importance of promoting the census to ensure a complete and accurate count for our village.  March 2020 residents will receive a postcard with the option to complete the survey online.  Telephone calls and door-to-door visits will be used to get as accurate of counts as possible.  Please complete the survey.  March 2021 is when we expect to find out the number of House of Representative seats.

Mayor Pape discussed that the New Bremen CIC feels there is a need to conduct a hotel and restaurant study for the village.  Anticipate the cost of the study to be $5,500 and is asking the village to support a portion of the cost.

Vote of approval to support the hotel and restaurant study at a cost not to exceed $3,000.  Motion by Richter.  Second by Kuck.  Five ayes.

First Reading 2019-7-6 To adopt the Auglaize County Solid Waste Management District Plan.  Motion by Larger.  Second by Burnell.  Five ayes.

Larger made motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Burnell.  Five ayes.  Declaring Emergency ORDINANCE 2019-7-14 Amend Electric Fund Appropriations for Substation in the amount of $6,500,000.    Motion by Richter.  Second by Parker.  Five ayes.

Discussed $6,500,000 loan bids for the Electric Substation.

  • 15 yr. fixed rate bids were 2.49% from Minster Bank and 2.45% from First National Bank.
  • 15 yr. fixed rate using 20 yr. amortization with balloon payment bids were 2.69% from Minster Bank and 2.59% from First National Bank.

Reviewed Courtney and Associates 5 year projections for revenue and expenses, which includes an electric rate increase and loan repayments.  The 15 yr. fixed rate loan is the lower cost option and works within Courtney’s projection.  First National Bank has the lowest bid 2.45% for 15 yr. fixed rate loan.

Kuck made motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Larger.  Five ayes.  Declaring Emergency ORDINANCE 2019-5-12 Electric Substation Loan for $6,500,000, 15 year fixed rate at 2.45% from First National Bank.  Motion by Richter.  Second by Larger.  Five ayes.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 7:10 p.m.  Second by Parker.  Five ayes.