June 15, 2022

Roll call showed the following members present for the meeting on this date at 6:30 p.m.  Condon, Lomakin, Larger, Burnell, Wuebker and Elshoff.  Also, present were Mayor Parker, Solicitor This, Fiscal Officer Speelman and Village Administrator Richter.  Chief Skinner was absent.

Visitors attending were Corey Maxwell from Evening Leader and Erin Gardner from Daily Standard.

June 6 was bid opening for Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Sludge Removal Project.  Three bids were received for sludge removal, dewatering, transport and dispose of 580 dry ton.  Lowest bid of $572,200 was from Synagro Central LLC from Baltimore, MD.  The other two bids amounts were $666,400 and $1,289,100.  Mid-July is projected start date.

Larger made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Lomakin.  Six ayes.  Declaring Emergency Ordinance 2022-06-18 Award Wastewater Treatment Plant Lagoon Sludge Removal Project to Synagro Central LLC at $572,200.  Motion by Lomakin.  Second by Elshoff.  Six ayes.

The Highland Addition, Lots 23 and 24 have an alley running east and west, 14 feet in width through the property.  Homeowners at 607 Franklin St are requesting alley be vacated to assist in the sale of the property.  There is an adjacent property which also has same alley running through the property.  Those property owners will be contacted.

Lomakin made a motion to suspend the rule.  Second by Elshoff.  Six ayes.  Declaring Emergency Ordinance 2022-06-19 Vacate alley running east and west lying between Lot 23 and 24 Highland Addition, 607 Franklin St.  Motion by Burnell.  Second by Larger.  Six ayes.

Larger made a motion to enter executive session for property at 6:35 p.m.  Second by Burnell.  Came out of executive session at 7:00 p.m. with no action.

Larger made a motion to adjourn at 7:00 p.m.  Second by Lomakin.   Six ayes.