Sledding Hill @ Bremenfest Park

In the fall of 2018, New Bremen Village Council accepted the donation of a snow making machine from community philanthropist Dianne Komminsk.  We thank Dianne for her continuous efforts to increase quality of life attributes in New Bremen.

In an effort to use the snow making equipment effectively and responsibly, guidelines for the use of the equipment has been established.  As to not infract noise on residents living near the sledding hill, there will be no snow making after the parks department has closed for the day (3:30pm). Operation, maintenance or repair of the snow machine and sledding hill area will only occur during regular working hours. 

The ideal conditions for snow making is high humidity and temperatures below 28 degrees. If there are 2 inches of snow on the ground, no snow will be made.  If snow is needed, the parks superintendent will decide by looking at the 10 day weather forecast.  If the 10 day weather forecast shows temperatures below or close to freezing, snow can be made.  A decision will be made by Thursday if snow will be made for the weekend, this will be posted on the village website.  The parks superintendent reserves the right to use his/her discretion in deciding if snow will be made.

The sledding hill is provided for all to enjoy, please be respectful of others.  For safety reasons sledding towards the parking lot and swimming pool are prohibited.  Users assume all risk associated with the use of the sledding hill.