Snow Removal

Fire Hydrant Snow Removal

The Village of New Bremen requests any resident with fire hydrants in front of their house, to please remove snow away from the hydrants.  This will help the Fire Department locate the hydrants in the case of an emergency.

Street Snow Removal

A reminder to all village residents, cars parked along the street create a problem for our snow plows.  We ask for the cooperation of all village residents to move vehicles off the street so that the street crews can adequately and safely remove the snow off the streets during and after a snow storm. 

Vehicles parked on the street cause a safety problem, extra hours and expense for the crews to remove the snow.  It is also a violation of the Village Ordinance for any vehicle to remain parked on the street over 72 hours without being moved.  The Police Department will be checking these vehicles that are not moved every 72 hours.  The penalty is $150.00 plus court costs.